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Xpeed Fun's Private Tutoring System from Global Elites Network can turn students into a Prodigy

【The Elite Tutor Hiring Policy of the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp: Please send your resume to

Xpeed can provide HYPMSC(Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Caltech) students with an internship opportunity at $12,000 for 2 months, housing stipend included. Next year for the 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, we need to hire hundreds of elite tutors from top colleges or top programs, so we have to connect them well in advance.

Why do students need elite one-on-one private tutoring?

Why almost all child prodigies come from the top-notch home schooling or one-on-one private tutoring, not from the public schooling system, is because the U.S. public schooling system has to cater to the average learning needs of all kids in the United States. By comparison, the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) has been made based on the lowest requirements among all states participated, which has lagged New York State's past standards a few years behind to make most students pass this "LOUSY" low standards. All in all, most talented kids have no room to survive in the U.S.

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