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【翰林院夏令营渠道部与商家合作的展示报名流程 V1.0】

1. 商家收家长需要报名的每个小孩精英私教锁定费$100美元,然后用收银机打印出一份商家自己的法律认可的官方收据(包含商家全部信息)。如果收银机不能设置商品服务品名,请手写注明XpeedFun.Camp报班;

2. 商家通过在【翰林院夏令营新媒体http://XpeedFun.Media】注册的商家自己的官方信箱发出$100美元收据与学生报名表的手机拍照照片或扫描到【翰林院夏令营新媒体http://XpeedFun.Media】的官方信箱Registrar@XpeedFun.Media中;商家需保留一份家长填写的翰林院夏令营报名表原件与商家收据小票作为备案,但应该作为金融票据保管好备查。商家必须遵守翰林院新媒体保密条款,不得泄露任何学生隐私,否则法律责任自负。

Xpeed Fun's Private Tutoring System from Global Elites Network can turn students into a Prodigy

【The Elite Tutor Hiring Policy of the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp: Please send your resume to XpeedFunHiring@GlobalElites.org

Xpeed can provide HYPMSC(Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Caltech) students with an internship opportunity at $12,000 for 2 months, housing stipend included. Next year for the 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, we need to hire hundreds of elite tutors from top colleges or top programs, so we have to connect them well in advance.

Past Resources Websites will be migrated to here gradually

During the past five years, we have helped parents and students pick up world's best learning resources such as BrainPop and Brainfeed via the resources websites of the Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy family on iEDU.me and XpeedLearning.org. Those two resources websites of thousands of very useful learning tools will be migrated to http://XpeedFun.org site.


翰林院院长Mr. Maverick在大纽约华裔社区讲座预告:

讲座時间/Lecture Date:
01/31/2015, 星期六下午, 2PM-5PM.
03/07/2015, 星期六下午, 2PM-5PM.
04/11/2015, 星期六下午, 3PM-6PM.
讲座地点/Address: 台湾会馆, 137-44 Northern Blvd, Flushing

讲座時间/Lecture Date:
05/24/2015, 星期天下午, 1:30PM至4:30PM
讲座地点/Address: 30-50 Whitestone Expressway Suite 400A, Flushing, NY 11354

Parents can help foster a good learning habit to benefit kids' entire life.

Parents not only have given your children life but also can help build a fast great track for your kids both in academia and later career by forming them a very good learning habit at the very beginning starting from the Kindergarten. If parents were to treat a child's life-time education as a big long-term project, this project would cost a lot while generating a humongous output at tens of million U.S. dollars in terms of total pay and compensation package over your child's life span.

To what age groups does the Xpeed Fun Camp cater?

It's required that the youngest participants of the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp MUST have learnt either in a public or private school for one whole year of Kindergarten so that their focus span can reach at least 30 minutes long to meet the minimum requirement of the Xpeed elite one-on-one private tutoring system, otherwise, it would not be efficient in learning any subject both for pupils and for elite tutors who have to put too much effort on grabbing young kids' attention and focus instead of teaching kids the real canon of Xpeed Learning Methodology.

Details about the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp academic program


上述PDF表格(翰林院2015夏令营注册报名表),请打印出来然后填上每一项。成绩单与医院每年体检证明可以后在开营前补交。填完后用扫描仪扫描一份,或拍成照片传给翰林院总校夏令营注册办公室(Registrar Office of Xpeed Fun Summer Camp)。

Why can Technology make students learn much faster than ever before?

In the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, we use the world's best technology in involving students in order to make them learn much faster, deeper and more. We use all sorts of world-class interactive learning games on all major platforms, such as on iOS/iPads, Android and Windows Tablets, to boost up students' learning efficacy.

Why do students need elite one-on-one private tutoring?

Why almost all child prodigies come from the top-notch home schooling or one-on-one private tutoring, not from the public schooling system, is because the U.S. public schooling system has to cater to the average learning needs of all kids in the United States. By comparison, the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) has been made based on the lowest requirements among all states participated, which has lagged New York State's past standards a few years behind to make most students pass this "LOUSY" low standards. All in all, most talented kids have no room to survive in the U.S.

Why do students need Learning with Joy?

Based on the learning outcome of Maverick's second-grade son Alex, it's pretty sure that most kids, by adopting Maverick's Xpeed Learning Methodology, can finish their high school learning journey at age 10, no later than 12. With this accelerated Xpeed Learning process, the mission has been becoming much harder for elite tutors and faculty in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp because they're dealing far younger students learning on a much higher level at a much faster pace.


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