XpeedFun.Camp Is Hiring Elite Tutor’s Assistants (TAs) at Grade 12, Please Send Your Resume to XpeedFunHiring@GlobalElites.org

WeChat ID: XpeedFun - 3 Years 100 Camps in NYC 5Yrs 10,000 in US

In 2015, Xpeed can provide HYPMSC (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Caltech) accepted students on grade 12 with an internship opportunity at $6,000 for 2 months, housing stipend included. After an 8-week one-on-one elite-tutoring training during the Xpeed Fun camp, your adaptive tutoring skills will be greatly improved while at the same time you form a strong networking with all other elites from top Ivy League schools. So, in 2016 when you come back again, Xpeed will issue you an internship offer at $12,000 for two months.

Next year for the 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, we need to hire hundreds and even thousands of elite tutors from top colleges or top programs, so we have to connect them well in advance. And next year when you come back again, we can assign you to the best camp sites in the Xpeed Fun system, such as Wall Street sites, so that you can build up your own personal relationship with our students’ parents who have been Wall Street incumbents, which will be extremely beneficial for you in terms of paving a solid way for you to a much higher social status in the elite job market.

Upon completion of elite-tutoring training, Xpeed can sign a three-year internship contract with best-trained elites under a provision that the pay package will increase $1000~$2000 on a yearly basis.

If an elite who has won the national or even world championship in any subject like Chemistry, we can provide $15,000 for 2 months, housing stipend included.

Xpeed will match anyone's offer as long as Xpeed has issued an internship offer to elites.

For students from the following schools, we can provide an internship with a pay package at $3,200 to $5,000 for 2 months, housing stipend included, depending on the prospective elite’s school background and her/his own strength and weakness:

Columbia University
Wellesley College
University of Chicago
Duke University
University of Pennsylvania
Dartmouth College
Johns Hopkins University
Northwestern University
Washington University in St. Louis
Cornell University
Brown University
University of California—Berkeley

Once an elite or TA has been accepted by the Xpeed Fun system, our executive search headhunting firm Global Elites Network Xpeed Fun Placement INC will help you land a dream job position later on for the rest of your life free of charge. And Global Elites Network will also open the door to you for the rest of your life.

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