To what age groups does the Xpeed Fun Camp cater?

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It's required that the youngest participants of the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp MUST have learnt either in a public or private school for one whole year of Kindergarten so that their focus span can reach at least 30 minutes long to meet the minimum requirement of the Xpeed elite one-on-one private tutoring system, otherwise, it would not be efficient in learning any subject both for pupils and for elite tutors who have to put too much effort on grabbing young kids' attention and focus instead of teaching kids the real canon of Xpeed Learning Methodology.

The 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp:
K-6 immediately after Kindergarten until Middle School

The 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp:
K-10 immediately after Kindergarten until High School

The 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp:
K-18 immediately after Kindergarten until College and Graduate, and PSAT, ACT and SAT test preparations will be built-in through the Xpeed Elite Tutoring System.

In the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, students learn many times faster than in their own public school. For example, spending no more than two hours every day for the 8 weeks during the summer, participated students can achieve 3 years of competitive advantage as opposed to the U.S. public school agenda. Therefore, it's required for each student to be well-prepared in advance in memorizing the 12x12 multiplication table before enrolling in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp.

In reading and science, students can also achieve 1~2 years ahead of the public school learning curve, so students are required to master the typing keyboard layout beforehand.

In a word, students need to be prepared a few months before the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp even starts. If a student meets the above-mentioned requirements, we promise "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!"

By adopting the century-long case-teaching and team-learning experience in the MBA program of Harvard Business School, the Xpeed Fun summer camp not only can boost students' academic performance dramatically but also can edify pupils' such soft skills as social skills, interpersonal communication skills, team spirit and leadership, time and project management, creativity and critical thinking, problem-solving and imagination, self-motivation and independence, integrity and ethical thinking very well, breaking the long-term image of a child prodigy as a bookworm who can only hit the books but has almost no social skills. And the peer pressure built-in any Xpeed Fun teams has become the underlying driving force for participants to learn much faster than in their own public school while at the same time providing kids with a great milieu and a fantastic opportunity in making life-long friends. In fact, the use of the peer pressure built-in all Xpeed Fun teams on both the tactical and strategic levels is the third gene of the Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy.

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