Please pay attention to the commercials on radio stations in the Greater New York City area:

WeChat ID: XpeedFun - 3 Years 100 Camps in NYC 5Yrs 10,000 in US

XpeedFun.Camp Airs Commercials on Radios in the Greater NYC Area.

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【WHUD, The Peak 2 Radio Stations Broadcasting Script】

A little girl, Chinese new immigrant Jessica came to the United States, couldn’t speak English, couldn’t listen English, couldn’t read English, couldn’t write English, so her school had to assign a language helper for two years. Understandably, her scores were mostly below average. But three years later at 8 years old, after only 8 weeks a summer camp, this fourth grader beat all Indians, Jewish, Asians, White students on grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 in Spelling Bee, Social Studies, Speech and Math, winning the QUEEN position. Recently, in a Harvard assessment, Jessica scored 99% percentile.

In 8 weeks, XpeedFun.Camp flips kids to school elites.

Your kids can spend less time but learn 10 times more so as to have enough time to play fun.

In 2015, Xpeed Fun Summer Camp penetrates into 7 cities: White Plains, Manhattan Wall Street, Queens Flushing, Brooklyn, Long Island, Princeton and Livingston New Jersey, in 2016, 30 towns, in 2017, 100 sites.

XpeedFun.Camp, a game changer, the next big thing, the next trillion dollars business, will help your kids finish high school at 10, one college major at 12 by rebuilding their confidence, learning habit and self-motivation.

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