Why do students need elite one-on-one private tutoring?

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Why almost all child prodigies come from the top-notch home schooling or one-on-one private tutoring, not from the public schooling system, is because the U.S. public schooling system has to cater to the average learning needs of all kids in the United States. By comparison, the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) has been made based on the lowest requirements among all states participated, which has lagged New York State's past standards a few years behind to make most students pass this "LOUSY" low standards. All in all, most talented kids have no room to survive in the U.S. public schooling system, let alone Child Prodigies.

On the other hand, the elite private tutoring system has achieved an extremely high learning efficacy among all teaching methods across the board. For instance, Alex's piano tutor has around 100 students, 92% of which on average have passed the NYSSMA test year after year. And even for those 8% who haven't passed the NYYSAM at their first try because they haven't practice too much, they can still pass the same level of test within a few years. By stark contrast, in some U.S. school districts, the dropout rate at the high school level have reached a sky-rocketing 47%, which partially explains why the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp adopts the elite one-on-one private tutoring system instead. In a word, the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp has brought the top-notch home-schooling and elite one-on-one private tutoring to the extreme, thereby making the Child Prodigy Miracle happen to each and every child participated.

All students' learning curriculum has been customized based on their own specific talented needs in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp. Without the Xpeed elite one-on-one private tutoring system, this couldn't be happening, just like in all U.S public schooling system. To make each and every student pursue the Ivy League excellence is the grand mission of Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy. We promise to the entire world, "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!" in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp.

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