Why do students need Learning with Joy?

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Based on the learning outcome of Maverick's second-grade son Alex, it's pretty sure that most kids, by adopting Maverick's Xpeed Learning Methodology, can finish their high school learning journey at age 10, no later than 12. With this accelerated Xpeed Learning process, the mission has been becoming much harder for elite tutors and faculty in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp because they're dealing far younger students learning on a much higher level at a much faster pace. All the elite one-on-one private tutors are from the top 10 universities in each country around the world with a top 3/1000 percentile academic achievements, which partially self-explains the school's name - Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy. Basically, the elite tutors of Xpeed Learning Academy are the smartest brains in the world. GeNXLA uses world-class top brains, coupled with the best learning technology, helping students on average learn 3 faster then the U.S. public schooling system, and then targets at top-paid jobs at the end of learning tunnel.

To make beginner learners' life easier, the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp applies the Fun concept in every aspect of pupils' learning life, which has been becoming the built-in gene of the Xpeed Learning Academy. Our elite tutors are very encouraging, qualified and passionate in helping youngsters learn faster than in their own public or private schools. Without learning with fun, joy and deep engagement, students most likely would quit in the middle of a tough learning journey if pupils got bored for too long, which has been happening in most U.S. public and private schools from time to time. By sharp contrast, students like the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp academic learning program so much. And most importantly, almost all students can reach that top Ivy League level with no child left behind if they have been prepared before enrolling in the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp program, such as memorizing the 12x12 times table and familiarizing themselves with the typing keyboard layout.

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