Mr, Maverick's Open Letter to U.S. President Mr. Obama on the Xpeed Fun Learning Revolution

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Mr, Maverick's Open Letter to U.S. President Mr. Obama on the Xpeed Fun Learning Revolution

Dear President Obama:

We think we can revamp the U.S. current schooling system, making it more competitive down the road. We have taken serious actions in the Greater New York City area. Hopefully, if possible, we would like to present our Xpeed Fun case to you and finally to all Americans in general. Our ambition is to launch 10,000 summer camps in the United States within a few years, thereby benefiting ~5 million American students in total by making them learn 5~10x more in Xpeed Fun summer camps than in any other schools. So, we need a full support from all levels of U.S. governments, finally turning the Xpeed Fun Learning Revolution into the core U.S. competitiveness down the road. Try to think, if all American students can learn 5~10x more at Xpeed Fun Platform than in any other countries, what will happen to this world in the future?

We will hold a press conference in NYC Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel Empire Complex 7th Floor and want to keep you updated on our achievements. If you could send in a representative who is in charge of education to listen to phenomenal achievements of a bunch of students of the Xpeed Fun summer camp, I'm sure you will be absolutely impressed. Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy's mission is to give each student a much brighter future. We didn't use one cent of government money at current stage, but in terms of our academic achievements, no schools on this planet Earth can even compete, I'm pretty sure.

Best wishes to you Mr. President and to all Americans!
Maverick (Liangju) Bian
Managing Director and Chief Architect
Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy


Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy
Cordially Invites
American Major Media Outlets to Witness
Awarding Outstanding Students
- Game-Changing Outcomes of Learning Revolution
XpeedFun.Camp, Cradle of Elites
Time: Friday August 21, 2015 at 2:00pm-5:00pm
Address: Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel (50-Story Building) Empire Complex, 7th Floor

Can students learn 50x times faster than public school speed? Can elementary students move one grade higher in subjects such as Math, Science and Social Studies, in one to two weeks, instead of in an entire academic year? Can Kindergarteners finish learning elementary school math in 8 weeks? Can third graders finish a middle school course in 8 weeks? Can elementary school students read high school books with ease? Can students’ reading speed, vocabulary, and mental arithmetic calculation speed be doubled or even tripled within 8 weeks? Can eighth-grade students conquer the SAT, achieving high scores within 8 weeks? Can students learn 5~10x times more than ever before?

Yes! Every one of these miracles has happened at every one of the 6 Xpeed Fun summer camps: the Princeton site at Princeton University Quadrangle Club, the Livingston, New Jersey site, the Manhattan site at Manhattan’s Pace University near Wall Street, the Flushing site in Queens, the Brooklyn site, and the White Plains site at Fordham University. For example, at the Princeton University site, 5th grader Andrew achieved a reading speed of over 950 words per minute, jumping 5 times faster than his original reading speed at the start of the camp. The average reading speed of a fifth grader in the United States is 173 words per minute, meaning that he has jumped into the top 1 % of students. Will Li, a third grader from the Pace University camp, was able to conquer math, science, and reading at a sixth grade level after just 8 weeks at Xpeed Fun Camp!

By pushing students to meet and exceed their full potential in all areas of academia and social growth, we have succeeded in producing a batch of exceptional students and leaders, prepared to take on the challenges of the modern educational landscape and the workforce. We have confident in their capabilities to learn more adaptively, quickly, and with assurance in their own ability to excel.

Xpeed Fun summer camp will present and award the top 50% of its student body, representing the top 1% of scholars, at the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel Ballroom. When our students go back to their own schools, they will become the top elites in the classroom. All media reporters, please help track our students’ overall performance in their own schools to see if Xpeed Fun can grow into a full-fledged core U.S. competitiveness in the global market.

We started implementing our revolutionary learning program in the Chinese American community and we hope that the Xpeed Learning Methodology will strengthen the academic competitiveness of the next generation—not only for Chinese students— but also for children all over the world!

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