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• 讲座时间地点:华夏20所中文学校几十场讲座可能突破千人招生
• 全美国每年数百万学生都成神童必将改变世界!目前大纽约地区,计划3年覆盖开30所分校;欢迎合作5年内全美推广开一万所夏令营。招聘藤校MBA管理、本科生一对一精英私教。招聘有营销能力的家长在各自社区推广,家长每推荐一个学生,自己子女的学费可以打5%的折扣($150 for Basic Xpeed Fun Summer Camp or $250 for SATvantage in 2015),推荐超过20个学生的额外部分可抵扣下一年的学费,推荐超40个可抵扣第三年的学费,推荐超过60个学生的额外部分可转让给其他学生作为学费的冲减...
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Xpeed Fun 2015-17 Academic Summer Camps Bundle: Basic, SATvantage Math, Class Bottom Flip to Top & School Top

Xpeed Fun 2017 Academic Summer Camps: Basic, SATvantage Math, Class Bottom Flip to Top & School Top

Xpeed Fun 2016 Academic Summer Camp Packages: Basic, SATvantage Math, Class Bottom Flip to Top and School Top Guarantee

Xpeed Fun 2015 Academic Summer Camp Packages: Basic, SATvantage Math, Class Bottom Flip to Top and School Top Guarantee

The 2014 Mr. Maverick Fellowship Awarded to Jessica Wang at 8 Years Old

The Mr. Maverick Fellowship Winner of The 2014 Xpeed Fun Platform

Although Jessica Wang has just finished her 3rd grade at age 8 in a Connecticut elementary school, over the past 8 short weeks, she has achieved 7 years ahead of the U.S. public schooling agenda. Jessica stands solid on grade 10 math through the most effective Xpeed Fun One-On-One Elite-Tutoring System. Jessica has come from the rank-and-file family, but at the end of the Xpeed Fun Learning journey she has risen to the top of her class as the highest achiever in the 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp.

Why is K-6 the Best Timing for Kids to Learn Math, Science and Reading in Human's Life?

Xpeed Fun's Private Tutoring System from Global Elites Network can turn every Child into a Prodigy

In almost all classrooms of current U.S. primary and secondary schooling system, one teacher lectures to many students with exactly the same amount of schoolwork and homework at precisely the same learning pace, so very gifted students have been prohibited - dragged down by the general student body dramatically. In addition, millions of parents don't trust the U.S. public schooling system at all and have been doing the home schooling instead. Any leading advantage acquired by students have been either from outside tutors or parents themselves who have taught their kids as a daily routine.

Past Resources Websites will be migrated to here gradually

During the past five years, we have helped parents and students pick up world's best learning resources such as BrainPop and Brainfeed via the resources websites of the Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy family on iEDU.me and XpeedLearning.org. Those two resources websites of thousands of very useful learning tools will be migrated to http://XpeedFun.org site.

Classroom Devices Setup with the Good Counsel Academy campus

Dear Parents of the 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp,

We have scheduled a classroom devices setup event with the Good Counsel Academy campus on Saturday morning at 10:00pm, June 28. Please come join us and give us a hand.

Because we want to protect your children's eye vision, we need to set up TVs, Monitors and Projecting Devices with the Internet, getting connected with all sorts of mobile learning devices like iPads, Android and Windows Tables so that they can use big screens instead of small ones.

The address: 52 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603


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